Bring the Heat | Fire Eating and More w/Nikki Talis


Turn up your next event with a fire show from the renowned Nikki Talis. Your event will include improvised fire ambiance consisting of fire dance, flow, partial arts prop and/or breathing and eating. This could also include one 5 minute choreographed featured act.

Please note that fire acts are approximately 10-12 minutes in length and are billed at the hourly rate listed

About Nikki

Nikki Talis is a professional fire & circus sideshow performer, dancer and model. Her skill sets include bed of nails stunts, broken glasswalking and acts mixed with a touch of burlesque. Let her heat up your event with some fire eating, intrigue you with some classic sideshow spectacle or add some ambiance with bodypaint modeling.

She is the CoFounder of Circo Draconum- a sideshow, burlesque and variety show with her partner Alexander Spitfire. Together they offer solo performances, and even sizzling unique fire duets! Showcasing performers with skillsets ranging from sword swallowing to contortion to bellydance, Circo Draconum is also available for hire. She has been performing all over the east coast for over a decade at private, corporate, festival, convention, nightclub and theater events. She is FDNY licensed for performance, SIA insured and FAI safety certified.


Timezone: CST/CHI