Comedy in the Workplace w/Mary Catherine Curran


With a wealth of experience ranging from full-time sketch and improv comedian to advertising copywriter to customer service rockstar, Mary Catherine will make your corporate event feel less... corporate! Her ability to work and entertain a crowd makes MC an emcee extraordinaire who can host your events, award ceremonies, or even your happy hours!

MC has mastered using high-level improv and character creation for things like:
-Character development for coaching
-Mentoring sessions to help with employee/customer relations
-Sales training with common objection handling and difficult sales

In this new landscape, it’s important your team gets more comfortable being uncomfortable with this new way of selling. MC’s 10+ years of improv experience gives her the ability to be quick on her feet and react effortlessly. She can use those skills to work with your team, plus offer advice on how they can feel more comfortable in this new and less predictable sales environment. MC is able to take on a brand voice, and she always comes in with plenty of background knowledge about a company!

Want your presentations or speeches to really excel?
MC is also available to write your speeches, collaborate on the material, or just punch up pre-existing copy! She is truly a jack of all trades and can handle anything you throw at her, and she has played almost every position on the softball field, so she also means that quite literally.

About Mary Catherine

For the past 10 years, Mary Catherine has been performing sketch and improv comedy in Chicago. Most recently (as in pre-COVID) she was on the cast of the Second City Mainstage, performing on the legendary stage for 8 shows a week. Prior to her time on the Mainstage, she performed with Second City at the Kennedy Center in DC and on the UP Comedy Club stage with She the People. She has performed with other amazing groups around Chicago, including Virgin Daiquiri at iO and in shows at the Annoyance Theater that ranged from improv to musicals to hosting a comedy burlesque show. When she isn’t performing, she spends her days as a copywriter for an ad agency creating successful campaigns for clients like Big Lots, Chili’s, and the Illinois Lottery. She deeply apologizes if you have ever had her jingles stuck in your head. This year, through her work with Second City, she met Charles Barkley and Steve Kerr, which were the only good things to happen in 2020 so far.



Timezone: CST/CHI